Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SedoaLace 12 Brush Set Review


It is the last day of my New year holidays today...sigh....
The holiday time always pass so quickly :-(

I am already in 2011 but have some many photos we haven't uploaded yet. These are the new goodies I shopped in using the thanksgiving or christmas holiday Sales YAY !!!

Firstly, this is the most impressive one. It is very gorgeous brush set from SedoaLace. I didn't know this company but got the info in the blogs I follow. Thank you :-D

I  bought 3 sets for me, my sister, and friend.

Subtotal: 149.85 for 3 sets.
Shipping: 26.24
Discount: -4.00
Grand Total: 172.09

Firstly, Sigma brush that must be very famous was in my wishlist. But, because of lower price, I finally selected Sedoalace. Pink is pretty, and the same pink brush roll is much better than expected.
Even when I pay 26.24 dollors for shipping, this is very good deal, I think. I am going to use all brushes and if the quality is satisfying (I feel it will be), I will recommend it in my JPN blog.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stick Soap - shopping in Japan

I found a very unique stuff. This was recommended by my Japanese blog friend.
This is it !

 This is made in Thailand, created by Japanese company though.

 It says Washing Ingredient is from Botanics. No Petroleum Oil, No paraben/silicone, No artificial coloring and fragrance, No Sin-polimer and Etanol.

JPY1,575.- from web-shop.
The card-board roll box looks pretty. I LOVE '' Soaps''. But, inconvenient to carry with me in travelling. But, this is PERFECT for travel use. don't you think ???

I can't wait using this :-D

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

December Shopping - Imported goodies

My December is busy month with works.....and SHOPPING !
In Japan, we have no Christman holidays but of course, celebrate the Christmas.
This is wired thing for Japanese, but we enjoy Christmas parites in Christmas period, and go to the temple on the end of December. And, in Jan, we go to Shrine for new year wish. haha... we're so flexible and good at getting the good points of other cultures...don't you think ?

I also like getting the stuffs from other countries. The recent strong yen is tempting me to import.

I tried to buy on the web-shopping mall, Gmarket. This is Japanese web site that offer many goodies from Korea. Here are staffs I bought there.

Hair Accessaries 

                                          10 pcs = JPY2,800 around incl. shipping charge.
                                          I am going to give some to my friends, sister, and relatives for Christmas gifts.

2) This is for me. I am looking for the shoulder bad I can use in traveling. It costs just JPY1,500 around.

 This is not REAL leather, but looks real... this fake leather is soft and nice. The color is lovely. And the best thing is LIGHT weight.
 I met this loverly stuff at ETSY and fell in love with them at the first grance. I had never shopped from ETSY before but i can not do without buying. haha :-D

 One is for me, the other is for someone as a gift. I haven't made up who I will give to though.
1 brush-roll&bag = US$27 around.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Trip to Ise&Toba - First Day pics

Recent busy work doesn't allow me to update my English blog here... Japanese blog either though...
Early in November, I made the weekend trip with the gals !!!! Sounds fun, right ?
The location we visited are Ise and Toba cities. Ise is very famous city with a big shrine that is No.1 Shrine in Japan. Toba is the neighboring city to Ise. It is very nice place along the coast. Famous for ''Pearl farming''. The company '' Mikimoto'' is born in this place, also farmous for seafood catching by Ama Divers.
There are many Japanese Ryokan hotel (big and small). I have been there many times but really nice places. I highly recommend them.
Around 2 hours by train from Osaka and Nagoya.

1) Lunch at Ama Diver's house. The aged women  on the pics are actual Ama Divers and it is incrediable that they are still diving to catch ablone or clams etc. The oldest is near 80 years old. They are very fine and welcome to many visitors there and serve the Seafood BBQ. They appeared on the overseas TV shows and many foreign visitors come !

2) Small local shrine.

3) HOTELS we started at

Friday, November 5, 2010

Majolica majorca - MajoRomantica Perfume

Last week, I met this lovely staff and fell in love with this Sweet and Romantic Fragrance.

The bottle is unique shape and really good on me. It is NOT spray type. I am not good at SPRAY Type and the fragrance shower makes my nose itchy and causes sneezing. So, I like something good smell but the strong perfume is not so my favorite.
But but... this looks perfect !!! I haven't seen this type of bottle before in perfumes. Don't you think ???

With the black plastic swab applicator, the scent syrup can be put on the skin directly.

More than this great bottle, actually the sweet scent was really tempting at the shop !!!  It is like a PERFECT, I can say.
I really want to share its smell, fruity and a little bit citrus at the beginning, and move to a little more flower and finally settle down to the sweet like Vanilla. Sweet&Romantic, very Majolica Majorca's fragrance !!!

Majolica majorca is the Japanese drugstore cosmetic brands by SHISEIDO.

They have some shops in HK or Singapore, Taiwan etc. I didn't know this fact until today... amazing ! The concept or package is a little too sweet and lovely on me... but they have many good-quality items. My recommendation is Liquid Eyeliners. If you meet this cosmetics somewhere, please check them out ;-D

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shopping day in October - Autumn Fasion items

In October here, I feel a little hot in a day time, but cold at the morning and night. Not easy to choose what clothes I should wear. The shops started offering a little discount on Autumn Items already and the winter items comes up. Time to get ready for a winter ??? Ummm... can't catch up really. Still need to buy some Autumn look items. So, early discounting was nice.

What I bought today at the several shops in a shopping mall,

I fell in love with this jacket at my first sight !!! JPY3,980 is good deal, right ?  
 In another shop, light beige inner with thin gold stripe. JPY1,500. Beige or Yellow, gold are my colors. I have many already though....
 And, Green&Brown colors are my favorite combination. JPY1,500 around as far as I remember (the price tag has gone out...)

 Golden and silver gradation makes my face lighten up, hopefully. JPY1,800 around.
This is the popular hair item this year. I finally got it. The color is brown. JPY1,000.- I feel it is expensive.
At UNIQLO. Less than JPY10,000 for following all items :-D
* Easy Leggins Pants in cords  - JPY1,980.  I tried it on and love them, bought 2 different colors. I am sure it will be very useful in cold winter !
* Two Sweater - JPY2,980 for each. Very nice wool. Quality is excellent for its price and I love Uniqlo Sweaters. I buy every season..hehe... These items are suitable to working places. I'm going to try from tomorrow. 

What did you buy in this Autumn ???

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lavshuca - Drugstore cosmetic brand

My cosmetic box is filled with a tond of mmu goodies. I am trying to use the natural staffs as much as possible. But, the lovely goodies in a drugstore are always tempting.

All Japanese big name cosmetic companies have sub-brand for drugstores. One of my favorites is Lavshuca (produced by Kanebo). Firstly, their product package is so cute !!!! Thier e/s pallets or various lip items are high quality for price and actually highly-rated in Japanese No.1 cosmetic rating site.

Today, I found some new products of Lavshuca and could not go without buying....
The sad thing is that this brand is not discounted normally. But, today the store offers 10% point-back sales.

What I bought is this,

Dramatic Memory Liquid - R03 color

The texture is harder than expected. I shold say it is a kind of sticky... but it can stick to the lip and keep longer than normal gloss type of lippies. The color is natural and clear, beautiful and glossy. I love it.

My target image is a model's look as above... PRETTT :-D !!!!
 Her lip color is OR-1. I was wavering which color I should buy. But... I already have Orange color of Lavshuca. So, I selected more red color that could match more on Fall looks.
All colors has gold pearl shimmer that can conform to the yellow-based skin color for Japanese gals.

My another Lavshuca lip (Orange color) is Dramatic memory Rouge.

Lovely package, right ?!?

Beautiful pinkish orange. I really love this color, it makes my face bright up and younger (just I feel at least hehe.) Great color in Spring/summer.

Comparison between above 2 types.
No flash


Ummm..... When I look at above pics, those 2 colors are similar... Yes, I know what kind of color can match on my face color. I tend to choose the similar color all the time...

The price is JPY1,200-1,500. This is almost half price of the brands for the department stores.