Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SedoaLace 12 Brush Set Review


It is the last day of my New year holidays today...sigh....
The holiday time always pass so quickly :-(

I am already in 2011 but have some many photos we haven't uploaded yet. These are the new goodies I shopped in using the thanksgiving or christmas holiday Sales YAY !!!

Firstly, this is the most impressive one. It is very gorgeous brush set from SedoaLace. I didn't know this company but got the info in the blogs I follow. Thank you :-D

I  bought 3 sets for me, my sister, and friend.

Subtotal: 149.85 for 3 sets.
Shipping: 26.24
Discount: -4.00
Grand Total: 172.09

Firstly, Sigma brush that must be very famous was in my wishlist. But, because of lower price, I finally selected Sedoalace. Pink is pretty, and the same pink brush roll is much better than expected.
Even when I pay 26.24 dollors for shipping, this is very good deal, I think. I am going to use all brushes and if the quality is satisfying (I feel it will be), I will recommend it in my JPN blog.


  1. May I know Which site you got these brush set?

  2. Happy New Year!

    Nice brushes. They look so soft.

  3. very informative!
    love ur blog :)

  4. Cool sets of brushes and I think you got a good deal.

  5. Noriko - I just saw on the news about the quake in Japan. Hope you are doing okay?!!

  6. great sharing, very help full for fashion lover, hope that you will keep it up and will share more pictures as like this


    best of luck

  7. Wow! Great set! Those brushes are really helpful for me cause i work as a make-up artist. Thanks!

  8. hellooo friend visiting with smile from Turkey

    hope you follow too