Sunday, May 30, 2010


I often go to the shop, UNIQLO, to buy the cloths. And sometimes I use even online-shop:-D
It is not too much to say UNIQLO is the most famous clothing chain now in Japan. And they will open more shops all over the world - They have a plan to open 1000 stores in China by 2020.

This weekend, they put up the thanks sales in their shops all over Japan and it was really good time to shop there. What I bought are,

My top recommendation is EXTRA FINE COTTON T  (Navy color one)
I also bought same ones last year, and bought it again !
The fiber is so smooth and soft, and very confortable, easy to be washed.

PUFF Sleeve is so cute :-D

Another type looks good.

Why do I like UNIQULO because
1) Good quality, they often use the latest leading-edge textile jointly developed with the top maker in Japan.  
2) Very reasonable price - JPY500-2,000 for a T shirt etc.
3) Many variety from causal to Suit for office use.

I am sure people in the world like them too !

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Drugstores are my amusement park

I am a drugstore lover. Of course, I don't like to take a medication or drug... I like shopping around inside to find any good staffs of cosmetics or bath goods etc.
Here is what I bought today. I enjoyed around 1 hour shopping in the drugstore near my house.

Shampoo and Conditioner  JPY398 each
Nanox is a new type of detergent JPY248
Cotton pad JPY298
Oriental Spa - bath agent - cool finish for summer season
black box is a SUPER tea -3 healthy teas Triple blended  JPY980

Test blogging from facebook

Hi !

I tried to use the application of BLOG IT on Face book.

When I post something on this app. on FV, automatically post it on my two blog.

Pls let me check if it can work.