Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shopping day in October - Autumn Fasion items

In October here, I feel a little hot in a day time, but cold at the morning and night. Not easy to choose what clothes I should wear. The shops started offering a little discount on Autumn Items already and the winter items comes up. Time to get ready for a winter ??? Ummm... can't catch up really. Still need to buy some Autumn look items. So, early discounting was nice.

What I bought today at the several shops in a shopping mall,

I fell in love with this jacket at my first sight !!! JPY3,980 is good deal, right ?  
 In another shop, light beige inner with thin gold stripe. JPY1,500. Beige or Yellow, gold are my colors. I have many already though....
 And, Green&Brown colors are my favorite combination. JPY1,500 around as far as I remember (the price tag has gone out...)

 Golden and silver gradation makes my face lighten up, hopefully. JPY1,800 around.
This is the popular hair item this year. I finally got it. The color is brown. JPY1,000.- I feel it is expensive.
At UNIQLO. Less than JPY10,000 for following all items :-D
* Easy Leggins Pants in cords  - JPY1,980.  I tried it on and love them, bought 2 different colors. I am sure it will be very useful in cold winter !
* Two Sweater - JPY2,980 for each. Very nice wool. Quality is excellent for its price and I love Uniqlo Sweaters. I buy every season..hehe... These items are suitable to working places. I'm going to try from tomorrow. 

What did you buy in this Autumn ???