Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Socks like gloves

I found these funny socks on sales and went for a buy.

JPY500 for 3 pcs
Shops - Partyhouse (life-fashion store owned by the super-mkt, only affordable items available)
Brand - Tutuanna  offering various Kawaii items (socks, under-wears, Pajamas) at reasonable price.

It looks like a Japanese traditional socks - TABI.
Tabi is the socks for ZOURI

Ummm.... looks completely different :-P

Anyway, I feel confortable on this strange socks. All toes are separated and moving easily :-D
A little too hot in summer ?!

I also bought this pretty flower socks.

I want to wear this in the sneakers. Girly look even with such shoes?!?

The price in Japan is definately lower than before. I can say this especially in the apparel products. Most of them are made in China, designed and quality-controlled by Japanese companies. So, the quality becomes better than before, I think. Good value for the price. It gives me more chances to enjoy shopping anyway.. haha. For me, it is fun to find the good value items at the reasonable prices.