Sunday, August 29, 2010

So many DRINKS @ discount Liquor Shops

This is my favorite. 泡盛(awamori = a kind of Shochu made in Okinawa). It is sprit distilled from Rice.
And, not like other nomal Shochu, there is a vintage type in 泡盛。I can say this brand is the most popular/familier one for 泡盛 vintage (古酒)。There are so many brands available. Rare one only available in the local place sounds interesting.
But, for me, くら is good enough. I love this taste.
Sometime I can see this small bottle type at the convenient store. Easy to buy anywhere all over Japan.
And, it seems that くら has Gold medal also at Monde Selection (International food fair) !

kura - atJPY1,200 around per bottle.

Today, I bought this at Discount shop of Liquor.
This is great place to shop around for me. I am not so big drinker.. but I like eating many kinds of foods. Drinking is the same for me. I don't buy Drinks so often at this kind of big shop. But, I can find something new or interesting Drinks or Foods like this,

This is WINE. JPY1,000 for above three. 750ml for 3 cans = 1 bottle.
The taste is so so. Easy to drink, easy to dispose :-D  If the price would be around JPY200 per can. I will come back to buy the same one...

And some pics for the shop inside.

日本酒 area
Wine selections
Recent Stronger Yen makes the wine price lower !
Beer Towers

What kind of drink do you like ????