Saturday, December 11, 2010

December Shopping - Imported goodies

My December is busy month with works.....and SHOPPING !
In Japan, we have no Christman holidays but of course, celebrate the Christmas.
This is wired thing for Japanese, but we enjoy Christmas parites in Christmas period, and go to the temple on the end of December. And, in Jan, we go to Shrine for new year wish. haha... we're so flexible and good at getting the good points of other cultures...don't you think ?

I also like getting the stuffs from other countries. The recent strong yen is tempting me to import.

I tried to buy on the web-shopping mall, Gmarket. This is Japanese web site that offer many goodies from Korea. Here are staffs I bought there.

Hair Accessaries 

                                          10 pcs = JPY2,800 around incl. shipping charge.
                                          I am going to give some to my friends, sister, and relatives for Christmas gifts.

2) This is for me. I am looking for the shoulder bad I can use in traveling. It costs just JPY1,500 around.

 This is not REAL leather, but looks real... this fake leather is soft and nice. The color is lovely. And the best thing is LIGHT weight.
 I met this loverly stuff at ETSY and fell in love with them at the first grance. I had never shopped from ETSY before but i can not do without buying. haha :-D

 One is for me, the other is for someone as a gift. I haven't made up who I will give to though.
1 brush-roll&bag = US$27 around.