Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vox will be closed

I had been away from another blog I wrote in English. It was located in Vox. But, I got a surprising news that VOX will be closed. The reason why I started Vox blog was that we wanted to import some cosmetic staffs from USA - like Mineral make up. Vox has a lovely GROUP of MMU users. It was fun to communicate with the members of that group. I also could get a lot of informaion about MMU.
It is sad news that Vox will be closed. But, my recent activity there is much less than before because more members left Vox etc...  Probably VOX lost the users... that is the reason why they have to close it.

I tried to make up this blog to write more about Japanese products, foods, and my life here. But, from now, I am trying to write about some cosmetic staffs as I wrote about in VOX. Yes, these are cosmetic goodies like MMU.. maybe more about Japanese cosmetics :-D