Monday, September 13, 2010

Citizen CX - my new watch

I had no watch. Usually, I check the time on my mobile phone or the clocks around me.

But, everytimes I am traveling, I feel I want it ! I have bought some cheap watches then.
But but, such watches always don't move well in my next trip :-(

I know I can not take care of a watch. So, my decision is this.

                                              Price is JPY47,000. It is the most expensive staff in my recent shopping.
It is Atomic Watch with Solar Power !!!
Yes, I won't get in trouble with battery-out or setting a watch ANY MORE. YEY !
This is the smallest type of watch for Atomic Watch. It is ok to go on my small hand.
Firstly I wanted to buy full-gold color but this was too loud on me...
So, my skin color goes with gold rather than silver.... and I decided to go for the combination
What type of watch do you wear or like ???