Thursday, September 23, 2010

shopping at Large mall

My sister is shopping mall lover. She goes and check the new malls even if these are not near her home. I asked her which shopping mall do you like the best ??? And her answer is '' Mozo''.
Mozo ?!?  Mozo Wonder-city is a new large shopping mall in Nagoya city. The largest super mkt chain, AEON, put up this.

Today, she brought us to this shopping mall. It was sooooooooooooo amaging. Huge and clean, and modern !!! It reminds me of my first visit to SHOPPING mall in USA. It was around 15 years ago. At that time, there is not a large shopping mall in Japan. The one in usa was really big and overwhelming.

It is National holiday here. We went there in the morning and got an early lunch at the popular Buffet Restaurant.

Many healthy food choices using the vegetables. Everything is so delicious !!!

                                        JPY1,600 per 1 person. All you can eat in 90 minutes :-D

After eating a lot, need to take a exercise. At mall there, walking and shopping become good exercise :-p

What I bought are,

                                              mechanical pencil by Zebra - JPY300
                                             Ball point pens - JPY100 and JPY200
I highly recommend you to buy the Japanese the stationaly products like above if you travel to Japan. These are very functional and high-quality !!!

                                               JPY1,000 for above 3pcs

And at ''LUSH'', I got these lovely goodies :-D
Three soaps - very YUMMY smells... love^^
Lush has a plant in Japan and the package are in Japanese. And all product has own unique name.
There are many fans of Lush here in Japan.

This time, I was shopping around many shops but walk around with my sister or husband and others... and I was not so big shopper today. so, I'd like to go back maybe by myself. because I can move about freely and can concentrate on just SHOPPING. For serious buying day, to shop alone would be the best.
Don't you think so ???

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pure Luxe - MMU foundies

I have been using MMU foundies and I thought I had found the best foundies after many sampling. It is EGM cover-me (earthen glow minerals). But, suddenly their web-site was closed. So, I started serching for the new best foundie again.
First one I tried to order is PURE LUXE. This brand is popular among Japanese mmu users

I heard the good reputation from the blogs of my blog friends in Japan. The finish looks similar with EGM.

1. Strong Yellow one is WARM HONEY. You know, my skin has yellow under-tone. But, this is too yellow.

2. left one on the bottom is WARM CREAM. It is also in Yellow category but light with a little hint of pink. It looks good on me.

3. right one on the bottom is Autumn. It is darker than WARM CREAM. But, it looks fine.

All foundies has a little sparkling powder and give the dawny finish The powder texture looks like ALIMA foundies I have. I am not good at well-fined loose type.
The big size foundie is ALIMA Warm 2. This is my 2nd best foundie so far.
Warm 2 has a little more pink than Warm Cream, I feel.
The coverage is better in EGM... But, I totally love Pure luxe foundies. I will put it in my list to buy Full-size. YAY !!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Citizen CX - my new watch

I had no watch. Usually, I check the time on my mobile phone or the clocks around me.

But, everytimes I am traveling, I feel I want it ! I have bought some cheap watches then.
But but, such watches always don't move well in my next trip :-(

I know I can not take care of a watch. So, my decision is this.

                                              Price is JPY47,000. It is the most expensive staff in my recent shopping.
It is Atomic Watch with Solar Power !!!
Yes, I won't get in trouble with battery-out or setting a watch ANY MORE. YEY !
This is the smallest type of watch for Atomic Watch. It is ok to go on my small hand.
Firstly I wanted to buy full-gold color but this was too loud on me...
So, my skin color goes with gold rather than silver.... and I decided to go for the combination
What type of watch do you wear or like ???

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vox will be closed

I had been away from another blog I wrote in English. It was located in Vox. But, I got a surprising news that VOX will be closed. The reason why I started Vox blog was that we wanted to import some cosmetic staffs from USA - like Mineral make up. Vox has a lovely GROUP of MMU users. It was fun to communicate with the members of that group. I also could get a lot of informaion about MMU.
It is sad news that Vox will be closed. But, my recent activity there is much less than before because more members left Vox etc...  Probably VOX lost the users... that is the reason why they have to close it.

I tried to make up this blog to write more about Japanese products, foods, and my life here. But, from now, I am trying to write about some cosmetic staffs as I wrote about in VOX. Yes, these are cosmetic goodies like MMU.. maybe more about Japanese cosmetics :-D

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ramdom Japanese Food Pictures

At 100yen Kaiten Sushi restaurant !
Cheapest sushi choice in Japan
The taste is so so.... But, very casual and easy way to eat Sushi.
Sushi is good choice for hot summer :-D

Bento (Lunch box) I like '' Makuno-uchi'' Type like below.
Can enjoy many kind of foods. More healthy choice with some vegetables.
It is around JPY500 per 1 meal

You can choose the favorite one at Bento Store from the menu.
This is a little bit expensive, special type.