Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ramdom Japanese Food Pictures

At 100yen Kaiten Sushi restaurant !
Cheapest sushi choice in Japan
The taste is so so.... But, very casual and easy way to eat Sushi.
Sushi is good choice for hot summer :-D

Bento (Lunch box) I like '' Makuno-uchi'' Type like below.
Can enjoy many kind of foods. More healthy choice with some vegetables.
It is around JPY500 per 1 meal

You can choose the favorite one at Bento Store from the menu.
This is a little bit expensive, special type.


  1. Wow 100 yen? That's very cheap for a sushi, I wish they open a branch in my home town ^_^

  2. LT, thanks for your visiting my blog also in the blogger ! I love Sushi :-D