Sunday, August 29, 2010

So many DRINKS @ discount Liquor Shops

This is my favorite. 泡盛(awamori = a kind of Shochu made in Okinawa). It is sprit distilled from Rice.
And, not like other nomal Shochu, there is a vintage type in 泡盛。I can say this brand is the most popular/familier one for 泡盛 vintage (古酒)。There are so many brands available. Rare one only available in the local place sounds interesting.
But, for me, くら is good enough. I love this taste.
Sometime I can see this small bottle type at the convenient store. Easy to buy anywhere all over Japan.
And, it seems that くら has Gold medal also at Monde Selection (International food fair) !

kura - atJPY1,200 around per bottle.

Today, I bought this at Discount shop of Liquor.
This is great place to shop around for me. I am not so big drinker.. but I like eating many kinds of foods. Drinking is the same for me. I don't buy Drinks so often at this kind of big shop. But, I can find something new or interesting Drinks or Foods like this,

This is WINE. JPY1,000 for above three. 750ml for 3 cans = 1 bottle.
The taste is so so. Easy to drink, easy to dispose :-D  If the price would be around JPY200 per can. I will come back to buy the same one...

And some pics for the shop inside.

日本酒 area
Wine selections
Recent Stronger Yen makes the wine price lower !
Beer Towers

What kind of drink do you like ????

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beer or Juice ???

It has been still hot and humid here. The TV news talks about too hot summer this year...sigh....
In a hot summer, Beer moves well. I also noticed I often buy beers this summer.
Do you know many TYPES of Beer on sales in Japan ?
Some of them are NOT beer...what ??? Yes, here is the new type of beer !

All looks Beer. But ALL are NOT real beer.
Even one of them is NOT alcohol drink either lol.

1) Blue one on right is 発泡酒 (low malt beer) 
2) green one on middle is, what is called, a new type of beer.
Sparking liquor with beer Taste. This contains less suger 70% off. The taste is lighter. Good for ladies.
3) Right one is not Alcohol drink.
So, i can say this is Juice ??? Even Children can drink this...but most likely too bitter for them though...hehe.

Here in Japan, there is alcohol TAX. It is decided on the quantity of used malt. So, all beer makers create those new type of beers and low malt beer's price is lower than normal real Beer.
The appearance all looks beer....and new products come up. It easily confuse me in my shopping.

I am not a beer lover. So, those reasonable new type of beers are very welcome.
But, please be careful to pick up the beer at Japanese shops.

Monday, August 16, 2010


It was so humid and hot summer day today. We're in the Obon Festival holidays, this is the main holidays for Japanese people.
Typical way to spend Obon holidays is to be with families. People go back to the hometown and also visit family graves to comfort the spirits of their ancestors as well. And, in this period, August 15th is included. It is the anniversary of the end of the Pacific War. Yes, it is the time to think about the families and ancestors.... and our own lifes etc...

Tonight, I went for a dinner with my father, hubby, and my sister and her family members. The restaurant (Izakaya) is located near the city station, on the local shopping street. This place always reminds me of my old time. I often go shopping etc in my childhood. The street has been changed. Some shops were not there anymore. And the new stores or building are seen. But, still good local atmosphere. It still bring me back to some memories.

It was so wonderful time tonight at that restaurant. The small bon dance festival takes place nearby. I could hear that sound. This sound makes me feed VERY SUMMER :-D

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Japanese Fast food

August has rolled around already and it was very hot day today too.... I feel this summer is strange Last night, I suddenly heard a strange sound, something noisy. It started raining so heavily. But, it was just short time. Is it a squall ??? It reminds me of my trip to Bali..haha.

When I had to overwork, I sometimes use '' take out ''. Today's take out is,

This is Gyudon (= bowl of rice topped with beef). I can say this is Japanese Fast food. There are many ''Gyudon'' restaurant chain. 2 big ones are also near my house.

My favorite is the oldest chain - YOSHINOYA.

Beef is the most expensive choices in meat. But, Gyudon is the reasonable choice for food, I can say. The price is JPY380 in Yoshinoya. And the newer and larger chains offer just JPY280 !!!!! Incredible price. Why ??? They use the imported beef from USA or AUST. And beefs are well sliced ^^  My favorite YOSHINOYA gyudon is more expensive but I believe the taste is better :-D

Pls let me show you another famous chain - SUKIYA.

They offer many various menus of Gyudon (combination with Cheese or Kimuchi (Korean taste) or even with Italian Tomato source and so one). So fascinating !!!! And also other menus like Curry or Grilled eel Rice bowl are available.  I should admire this establishment in this point

 Gyudon is a kind of JAPANESE culture. Such companies activity are often picked up on the news. Each chains have been making the heated battle. And this summer, SUKIYA put up the big campaign and now offer only JPY250 for a original standard GYUDON.  I am sure it is really good deal. With JPY250 (= around $3 currently), we only buy 2 Rice bowls or 2 Breads.

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