Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beer or Juice ???

It has been still hot and humid here. The TV news talks about too hot summer this year...sigh....
In a hot summer, Beer moves well. I also noticed I often buy beers this summer.
Do you know many TYPES of Beer on sales in Japan ?
Some of them are NOT beer...what ??? Yes, here is the new type of beer !

All looks Beer. But ALL are NOT real beer.
Even one of them is NOT alcohol drink either lol.

1) Blue one on right is 発泡酒 (low malt beer) 
2) green one on middle is, what is called, a new type of beer.
Sparking liquor with beer Taste. This contains less suger 70% off. The taste is lighter. Good for ladies.
3) Right one is not Alcohol drink.
So, i can say this is Juice ??? Even Children can drink this...but most likely too bitter for them though...hehe.

Here in Japan, there is alcohol TAX. It is decided on the quantity of used malt. So, all beer makers create those new type of beers and low malt beer's price is lower than normal real Beer.
The appearance all looks beer....and new products come up. It easily confuse me in my shopping.

I am not a beer lover. So, those reasonable new type of beers are very welcome.
But, please be careful to pick up the beer at Japanese shops.

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