Monday, August 16, 2010


It was so humid and hot summer day today. We're in the Obon Festival holidays, this is the main holidays for Japanese people.
Typical way to spend Obon holidays is to be with families. People go back to the hometown and also visit family graves to comfort the spirits of their ancestors as well. And, in this period, August 15th is included. It is the anniversary of the end of the Pacific War. Yes, it is the time to think about the families and ancestors.... and our own lifes etc...

Tonight, I went for a dinner with my father, hubby, and my sister and her family members. The restaurant (Izakaya) is located near the city station, on the local shopping street. This place always reminds me of my old time. I often go shopping etc in my childhood. The street has been changed. Some shops were not there anymore. And the new stores or building are seen. But, still good local atmosphere. It still bring me back to some memories.

It was so wonderful time tonight at that restaurant. The small bon dance festival takes place nearby. I could hear that sound. This sound makes me feed VERY SUMMER :-D

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