Sunday, August 8, 2010

Japanese Fast food

August has rolled around already and it was very hot day today too.... I feel this summer is strange Last night, I suddenly heard a strange sound, something noisy. It started raining so heavily. But, it was just short time. Is it a squall ??? It reminds me of my trip to Bali..haha.

When I had to overwork, I sometimes use '' take out ''. Today's take out is,

This is Gyudon (= bowl of rice topped with beef). I can say this is Japanese Fast food. There are many ''Gyudon'' restaurant chain. 2 big ones are also near my house.

My favorite is the oldest chain - YOSHINOYA.

Beef is the most expensive choices in meat. But, Gyudon is the reasonable choice for food, I can say. The price is JPY380 in Yoshinoya. And the newer and larger chains offer just JPY280 !!!!! Incredible price. Why ??? They use the imported beef from USA or AUST. And beefs are well sliced ^^  My favorite YOSHINOYA gyudon is more expensive but I believe the taste is better :-D

Pls let me show you another famous chain - SUKIYA.

They offer many various menus of Gyudon (combination with Cheese or Kimuchi (Korean taste) or even with Italian Tomato source and so one). So fascinating !!!! And also other menus like Curry or Grilled eel Rice bowl are available.  I should admire this establishment in this point

 Gyudon is a kind of JAPANESE culture. Such companies activity are often picked up on the news. Each chains have been making the heated battle. And this summer, SUKIYA put up the big campaign and now offer only JPY250 for a original standard GYUDON.  I am sure it is really good deal. With JPY250 (= around $3 currently), we only buy 2 Rice bowls or 2 Breads.

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  1. Interesting blog, especially as it's my favourite country, Japan, and my favourite food is Japanese!

  2. I love Yashinoya ^_^, it's my no. 1 choice for lunch when I had a business trip to Tokyo ^_^, very easy to find. And they just open their first branch in my town.