Sunday, June 27, 2010

Too early Summer Sales

I feel the bargain sales starts earlier and earlier, year by year.... Because of colder weather in April/May, the clothing companies may have a problem in their sales and put the early sales for Summer items :-D

Some shops already offered 50% off. It was really tempting. But, I managed to narrow down to following 2 goodies today..hehe..

JPY1,480.- at 50% off
Brand/shop name : Globalwork in a big shopping mall

It is made in India, made by Indian cotton, so very light and looks cool.
Definately feel cool in this shirt in Summer. This is the important point to choose the summer clothes. You know, it is very hot and humid here in Japan.

Another item I selected out was,

Brand/shop : Zazie   - company CABIN is now owned by UNIQLO's parent company.

The pic shows pink color, but actually it is more orange. The quality looks fine in this price.
This brand is in the same group of UNIQLO, but not casual line, a little more formal, elegant, Stylish. I can find many suitable items to the working places/offices. This T-Shirt is also for my wearing inside the Jacket.
The quality is good for the price. So nice ! I like it.
I am sure to come back to this shop soon:-D

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Socks like gloves

I found these funny socks on sales and went for a buy.

JPY500 for 3 pcs
Shops - Partyhouse (life-fashion store owned by the super-mkt, only affordable items available)
Brand - Tutuanna  offering various Kawaii items (socks, under-wears, Pajamas) at reasonable price.

It looks like a Japanese traditional socks - TABI.
Tabi is the socks for ZOURI

Ummm.... looks completely different :-P

Anyway, I feel confortable on this strange socks. All toes are separated and moving easily :-D
A little too hot in summer ?!

I also bought this pretty flower socks.

I want to wear this in the sneakers. Girly look even with such shoes?!?

The price in Japan is definately lower than before. I can say this especially in the apparel products. Most of them are made in China, designed and quality-controlled by Japanese companies. So, the quality becomes better than before, I think. Good value for the price. It gives me more chances to enjoy shopping anyway.. haha. For me, it is fun to find the good value items at the reasonable prices.  

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My skincare products come from Germany

My blogging gets slower because I have been a little tiring and sleepy week.
It was stressful working week.... and one of my way for stress release is SHOPPING !!!

We got 2 mails this week. One is from the domestic mail order company. And the other is from GERMANY !!!

Why and what from Germany ? The answer is these are all skincare items.

Germany is advanced in the organic products. There are many famous skincare products. Most of them are imported to Japan and I can buy them domestically...but very expensive.
So, I personally import them from the shop from German - - - Beauty Center Europe
They have English site and can ship internationally :-D

I am trying my best to use natural skincare and make-up.

1) Use Mineral foundation to avoid using the strong cleanser
2) Not too-much washing
3) Not over-protecting my skin with many skincare good (this is the most difficult thing for me cause I am basically curious about skincare goodies and want to try ...hehe)

I used to feel my skin dried often during a day, even with wearing the liquid foundation.
But, we don't feel so at all !!!!
Also, the daily skincare are more simple and easy.

Okay, getting back to Shopping itself, the total amount for above 6 items are around Euro 110 including the shipping charge. It is equivalent to JPY12,000 around.  Good deals for 6 items :-D
Because it is expected to be 2 times more expensive at the Japanese shops.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Outlet mall

Today, i have no work... yes off !!! So, I thought I would have to use the best of this longer weekend. And decided to go out ! It is really nice day out side. I can't stay home:-D

My friend started working in the outlet mall in the neighboring city, and today I visited that shop.

This big outlet mall is just in the big amusement park. So, this scary one is just next to the building...

I ve been there several times... it has been getting bigger and bigger evertimes I visited.
I know it is already too big for me to have a look at all shops....
Many farmous high-class brand shops ( i will pass those kinds of shops though... too expensive), Japanese wearing brands, common sports brands, shoes, bags, under-wears.... and everything !!!
Especially for ladies, easily forget the time by just walking around here... right ???

And what I bought today is this !!!!

KEY CASE - around JPY6,000- at FURLA outlet.
FURLA is Italian bag maker.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My favorite Fish in Japan

I went to the supermarket by bicycle today and bought some food staffs for today's dinner.

Some greens, and eggs, and cheese, YAKISOBA (noodle) and so on.

And, luckily I found the Sashimi discounted at that shop... it is my favorite fish and can not do without picking it up... haha.

It is Horse Mackerel

It is just JPY238 yen for 1 pack - only 80 g but good enough.

Horse mackerel is one of my favorite SUSHI NETA (item used for Nigiri-Sushi'') too.
This fish lose freshness quickly and only fresh fish can be eaten for Sashimi or Sushi.
But, I love that taste.. maybe too fishy for some people though.

The common and popular fishes for Japanese are
   Mackerel (鯖 '' saba'')
   Horse Mackerel (鯵 ''aji'')
   Pacific Saury  (秋刀魚'' SANMA'')
I really love those fishes to eat.

Pacific saury is seasonal fish, available in Autumn here. It is very cheap and good.

Mackerel  is the most common fish used for Sushi and grilled and many kinds of dishes.

This is Mackerel Sushi. Mackerel is often marinated with a vinegar.
So, it is a little sour... but mackrel is rich in oil and very nice...
This pic is so yam-yam...