Sunday, June 6, 2010

Outlet mall

Today, i have no work... yes off !!! So, I thought I would have to use the best of this longer weekend. And decided to go out ! It is really nice day out side. I can't stay home:-D

My friend started working in the outlet mall in the neighboring city, and today I visited that shop.

This big outlet mall is just in the big amusement park. So, this scary one is just next to the building...

I ve been there several times... it has been getting bigger and bigger evertimes I visited.
I know it is already too big for me to have a look at all shops....
Many farmous high-class brand shops ( i will pass those kinds of shops though... too expensive), Japanese wearing brands, common sports brands, shoes, bags, under-wears.... and everything !!!
Especially for ladies, easily forget the time by just walking around here... right ???

And what I bought today is this !!!!

KEY CASE - around JPY6,000- at FURLA outlet.
FURLA is Italian bag maker.

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  1. I will be visiting Japan soon and was wondering where this outlet mall was located?