Thursday, June 3, 2010

My favorite Fish in Japan

I went to the supermarket by bicycle today and bought some food staffs for today's dinner.

Some greens, and eggs, and cheese, YAKISOBA (noodle) and so on.

And, luckily I found the Sashimi discounted at that shop... it is my favorite fish and can not do without picking it up... haha.

It is Horse Mackerel

It is just JPY238 yen for 1 pack - only 80 g but good enough.

Horse mackerel is one of my favorite SUSHI NETA (item used for Nigiri-Sushi'') too.
This fish lose freshness quickly and only fresh fish can be eaten for Sashimi or Sushi.
But, I love that taste.. maybe too fishy for some people though.

The common and popular fishes for Japanese are
   Mackerel (鯖 '' saba'')
   Horse Mackerel (鯵 ''aji'')
   Pacific Saury  (秋刀魚'' SANMA'')
I really love those fishes to eat.

Pacific saury is seasonal fish, available in Autumn here. It is very cheap and good.

Mackerel  is the most common fish used for Sushi and grilled and many kinds of dishes.

This is Mackerel Sushi. Mackerel is often marinated with a vinegar.
So, it is a little sour... but mackrel is rich in oil and very nice...
This pic is so yam-yam...

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