Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pure Luxe - MMU foundies

I have been using MMU foundies and I thought I had found the best foundies after many sampling. It is EGM cover-me (earthen glow minerals). But, suddenly their web-site was closed. So, I started serching for the new best foundie again.
First one I tried to order is PURE LUXE. This brand is popular among Japanese mmu users

I heard the good reputation from the blogs of my blog friends in Japan. The finish looks similar with EGM.

1. Strong Yellow one is WARM HONEY. You know, my skin has yellow under-tone. But, this is too yellow.

2. left one on the bottom is WARM CREAM. It is also in Yellow category but light with a little hint of pink. It looks good on me.

3. right one on the bottom is Autumn. It is darker than WARM CREAM. But, it looks fine.

All foundies has a little sparkling powder and give the dawny finish The powder texture looks like ALIMA foundies I have. I am not good at well-fined loose type.
The big size foundie is ALIMA Warm 2. This is my 2nd best foundie so far.
Warm 2 has a little more pink than Warm Cream, I feel.
The coverage is better in EGM... But, I totally love Pure luxe foundies. I will put it in my list to buy Full-size. YAY !!!