Sunday, July 4, 2010

コンビニ=convenience stores

The convenience store (call '' Konbini'' in Japan) didn't exist when I was a child. But, now I can not imagine the world without the convenience store. It has been increasing and developing. Today, i can say too many in Japan. It is not good for the company running the convenience stores. But for me, a customer, it means it gets more convenient... that is great thing.
And, too many stores means more competition in each shop/convenience store chain. So, the quality of food or sweet has been improving. The new items are released so often not to get us tired.

On Friday, I overworked and dropped at the convenience store to get a Bento for the dinner cause my hubby was out for a drink with his friends...  I feel so easy cause I don't have to take care of the dinner..hehe. What I bought today,

Pasta, Bread, coffee, sweet, drink and Tsumami (Tsumami means the snacks for alcohol drinks).
Around JPY1,200 in total

Tonight, I went to CIRCLE K . They have the best PASTA dishes in the taste, variety. And they often make a new item and naturally makes me feel to try it. The sweet corner was also tempting me. I bought a new item, Creamy baum roll. But, actually, the taste of that is so so....  My best sweet of convenience store is Roll Cake in SEVEN ELEVEN. So, Yammy, it may be better than the cake shop's one.

And, the drink I recently like is '' Hi Ball''. It is Whiskey and Soda (with Lemon). Not sweet and refreshing with a soda. It is a kind of traditional alc-drink also here. It used to be no so popular, but this year, it gets hot !