Sunday, June 13, 2010

My skincare products come from Germany

My blogging gets slower because I have been a little tiring and sleepy week.
It was stressful working week.... and one of my way for stress release is SHOPPING !!!

We got 2 mails this week. One is from the domestic mail order company. And the other is from GERMANY !!!

Why and what from Germany ? The answer is these are all skincare items.

Germany is advanced in the organic products. There are many famous skincare products. Most of them are imported to Japan and I can buy them domestically...but very expensive.
So, I personally import them from the shop from German - - - Beauty Center Europe
They have English site and can ship internationally :-D

I am trying my best to use natural skincare and make-up.

1) Use Mineral foundation to avoid using the strong cleanser
2) Not too-much washing
3) Not over-protecting my skin with many skincare good (this is the most difficult thing for me cause I am basically curious about skincare goodies and want to try ...hehe)

I used to feel my skin dried often during a day, even with wearing the liquid foundation.
But, we don't feel so at all !!!!
Also, the daily skincare are more simple and easy.

Okay, getting back to Shopping itself, the total amount for above 6 items are around Euro 110 including the shipping charge. It is equivalent to JPY12,000 around.  Good deals for 6 items :-D
Because it is expected to be 2 times more expensive at the Japanese shops.

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