Sunday, June 27, 2010

Too early Summer Sales

I feel the bargain sales starts earlier and earlier, year by year.... Because of colder weather in April/May, the clothing companies may have a problem in their sales and put the early sales for Summer items :-D

Some shops already offered 50% off. It was really tempting. But, I managed to narrow down to following 2 goodies today..hehe..

JPY1,480.- at 50% off
Brand/shop name : Globalwork in a big shopping mall

It is made in India, made by Indian cotton, so very light and looks cool.
Definately feel cool in this shirt in Summer. This is the important point to choose the summer clothes. You know, it is very hot and humid here in Japan.

Another item I selected out was,

Brand/shop : Zazie   - company CABIN is now owned by UNIQLO's parent company.

The pic shows pink color, but actually it is more orange. The quality looks fine in this price.
This brand is in the same group of UNIQLO, but not casual line, a little more formal, elegant, Stylish. I can find many suitable items to the working places/offices. This T-Shirt is also for my wearing inside the Jacket.
The quality is good for the price. So nice ! I like it.
I am sure to come back to this shop soon:-D

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