Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Korean food stuffs

It has been really hot here. I feel Japan is becoming more like sothern country...
On the hot day, I want to eat something spicy. For me, Thai food must be perfect ! But, unfortunately, it is hard to cook and uncommon here. So, today, I picked up some Korean foods at the super mkt. Yes, Korean foods are popular and already common food stuffs I easily buy even at the local super mkt :-D

キムチ(ki-mu-chi = Korea's traditional fiery pickle) - JPY250 around
I can find several kinds of Kimuchi at the stores. Some are imported from Korea. This is common one the famous Japanese Tsukemono (Japanese pickle) company.

And also picked up another major Korean food.

The package says Korean Traditional Seaweed.   JPY100 per pack .
I love this seaweed. This is seaoned by sesami oil and salt. Good with RICE too !
I have ordered 1 box of this seaweed on the web once. It is much more reasonable price.

Korean food is already well-recoginized also in Japan. There are many Korean dinings. Korean BBQ is one of major ones. Korean food taste ONIGI with this seasoned seaweed is on sales at the convenience store.

Anyway, tonight, I put Kimuchi and Seaweed over TOFU with a seasoning soy sourse. It was good.

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