Friday, November 5, 2010

Majolica majorca - MajoRomantica Perfume

Last week, I met this lovely staff and fell in love with this Sweet and Romantic Fragrance.

The bottle is unique shape and really good on me. It is NOT spray type. I am not good at SPRAY Type and the fragrance shower makes my nose itchy and causes sneezing. So, I like something good smell but the strong perfume is not so my favorite.
But but... this looks perfect !!! I haven't seen this type of bottle before in perfumes. Don't you think ???

With the black plastic swab applicator, the scent syrup can be put on the skin directly.

More than this great bottle, actually the sweet scent was really tempting at the shop !!!  It is like a PERFECT, I can say.
I really want to share its smell, fruity and a little bit citrus at the beginning, and move to a little more flower and finally settle down to the sweet like Vanilla. Sweet&Romantic, very Majolica Majorca's fragrance !!!

Majolica majorca is the Japanese drugstore cosmetic brands by SHISEIDO.

They have some shops in HK or Singapore, Taiwan etc. I didn't know this fact until today... amazing ! The concept or package is a little too sweet and lovely on me... but they have many good-quality items. My recommendation is Liquid Eyeliners. If you meet this cosmetics somewhere, please check them out ;-D


  1. oooh i am so getting this! Thanks! Luckily they have this in Malaysia

  2. Where can i find this in Singapore?