Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lavshuca - Drugstore cosmetic brand

My cosmetic box is filled with a tond of mmu goodies. I am trying to use the natural staffs as much as possible. But, the lovely goodies in a drugstore are always tempting.

All Japanese big name cosmetic companies have sub-brand for drugstores. One of my favorites is Lavshuca (produced by Kanebo). Firstly, their product package is so cute !!!! Thier e/s pallets or various lip items are high quality for price and actually highly-rated in Japanese No.1 cosmetic rating site.

Today, I found some new products of Lavshuca and could not go without buying....
The sad thing is that this brand is not discounted normally. But, today the store offers 10% point-back sales.

What I bought is this,

Dramatic Memory Liquid - R03 color

The texture is harder than expected. I shold say it is a kind of sticky... but it can stick to the lip and keep longer than normal gloss type of lippies. The color is natural and clear, beautiful and glossy. I love it.

My target image is a model's look as above... PRETTT :-D !!!!
 Her lip color is OR-1. I was wavering which color I should buy. But... I already have Orange color of Lavshuca. So, I selected more red color that could match more on Fall looks.
All colors has gold pearl shimmer that can conform to the yellow-based skin color for Japanese gals.

My another Lavshuca lip (Orange color) is Dramatic memory Rouge.

Lovely package, right ?!?

Beautiful pinkish orange. I really love this color, it makes my face bright up and younger (just I feel at least hehe.) Great color in Spring/summer.

Comparison between above 2 types.
No flash


Ummm..... When I look at above pics, those 2 colors are similar... Yes, I know what kind of color can match on my face color. I tend to choose the similar color all the time...

The price is JPY1,200-1,500. This is almost half price of the brands for the department stores.


  1. i wish i have this brand in my country!!
    great post.
    love your blog


  2. I always see this Lavshuca on the Mina, not only Mina, all japanese magazine, many taiwan blogger love this brand. But so sad the it's not available in my country.

  3. @Heli - Hi ! Glad you like my blog. Sorry for slow blogging. I think this brand should be on sales all over the world !!!

    @Leira - I didn't know this is popular brand also in Taiwan. Yes, they should sell them also in Taiwan ! BTW, I will travel to Taiwan early next year :-D

  4. hello..ur blog is very nice! love ittt